Karl Banski

Hi, I'm Karl Banski, a photographer based in Duisburg, Germany, specializing in architectural photography, including project documentation as well as editorial work.

Der Parallelhafen in Duisburg bei Nacht
My studio is located in europe’s largest inland port.
This is an actual view from my window.

While I primarily operate in the north-western part of Germany and throughout the Netherlands, I am open to all inquiries.

Maluch stoi przy garażach w Gliwicach an Górnym Śląsku.
Originally I am from Poland.
Experiencing two worlds as a kid, might have had an impact on my view on built topographies.

I am driven by the belief that there is no insignificant Architecture just as there is no such thing as an insignificant individual. Architecture gains its significance through human interaction. This is why I perceive architectural photography as a special kind of visual storytelling.

Binnenaanzicht uit de serie van architectuurfoto's over het land-art-monument "De Goddeloas Fiersicht" in Friesland, Nederland"

In my opinion, context is key to good (architectural) photography. How does a structure interact with its environment? How do materials interact with each other? How does a specific surface interact with light? While those interactions are visible, the most important context to consider is the human scale. How would an individual, or how do I, interact with the subject? Ultimately, my work boils down to the question how to provide the viewer with the exact right amount of information to convey a sense of place.

I'd love to hear about your project.